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  • Are you a physician -- no, a real old fashioned allopathic medical doctor -- MD or DO, who is not exactly tickled with the direction medicine has taken in too many years? 
  • Do you resent the fact that the AMA still claims to represent you, even though only about one in seven US physicians belong? 
  • Have you lost trust in every medical organization that claims to represent you? 
  • Are you afraid of going to jail for 2-4 felonies every time you examine a patient? 
  • Would you go on strike were it not for the fact that the feds would prosecute any organization that attempted to promote one?
  • Join your colleagues in a DIS-organization! Doccupy!
  • HIPAA: CE or not CE? What if every doc in the US called the nearest OCR office and demanded to be told in writing whether or not they are a covered entity?
  • Do you feel powerless doctor?
  • Do today's premed students really want what we have?
  • What if doctors decided to strike without benefit of a union?
Doctors who refused to take it and left medicine: