How to Doccupy

Unless you intend to live in a tent in front of a government office or insurance company you will likely use this site to assist in communicating via telephone and social media. You probably already know how to use a telephone, and you can decide one call at a time whether to provide your name or other identifying information. If you want to use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, decide first whether you wish to do so anonymously or revealing your identity, or both. Assume that coworkers, administrators, and your patients will read them.

Consider setting up a fan/company Facebook account so you can leave pointed messages on Facebooks of target organizations or individuals.

Start by setting up as many accounts as you want, perhaps one anonymous and one identified. Follow @doccupation and other accounts related to your positions. Often those you follow will reciprocate and follow you. If other accounts like your Tweet, they may forward or "retweet" to their own followers, potentially exposing your message to a large audience. Include a few "hashtags" like #doccupy or #Medicare in your Tweets to make selected keywords searchable, for example, by 

Hashtags enable non-followers to find your tweets by keyword.